With the implementation of accountability system for principal officials on July 1, 2002, the Chief Secretary for Administration, along with the Financial Secretary, the Secretary for Justice and Directors of Bureau, is one of the most important officials within the Government.  The Chief Secretary for Administration is a member of the Executive Council and the most senior of the three officials authorised to temporarily assume the duties of the Chief Executive when the latter is not able to discharge his duties for a short period.

The Chief Secretary for Administration assists the Chief Executive in supervising the bureaux as directed by him and plays a key role in ensuring co-ordination in policy formulation and implementation.  This is particularly important in areas which cut across bureaux.  The Chief Secretary for Administration also covers specific priority areas of the Chief Executive’s policy agenda, and is responsible for forging a closer and more effective working relationship with the Legislative Council and drawing up the Government’s legislative programme.  In addition, the Chief Secretary for Administration exercises statutory functions vested in her by law, such as those concerning the handling of appeals and certain public bodies.  The Administration Wing of the Chief Secretary for Administration’s Office provides support for some of the above duties.