Hong Kong’s democratic development must in no way be smeared by foreign countries

22 December 2021

I welcome and support the Central Government’s white paper on “Hong Kong: Democratic Progress under the Framework of One Country, Two Systems” published two days ago. Based on historical facts, the white paper gives a full account of the development of Hong Kong from having no democracy under British colonial rule to making democratic progress since its return to the Motherland. It spells out to the world that Hong Kong’s democratic system was established by the Central Authorities in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law after the handover. It is not a legacy of the British colonial rule, not to mention that it is neither established by any foreign country nor a concession forced from the Central Authorities.

Under British colonial rule, there was simply no democracy in Hong Kong. Whereas after our return to China, the Central Authorities have remained committed to implementing “One Country, Two Systems” and developing democracy in the city in accordance with the Basic Law. The white paper makes it clear to all people here and around the world that the lawful rights and freedoms we now enjoy, including those applicable to Hong Kong under International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, are unequivocally safeguarded by the Basic Law.

Democratic development in Hong Kong must be underpinned by the Constitution and the Basic Law. Last Sunday, the first Legislative Council (LegCo) Election held under the improved electoral system concluded with success. It put into practice the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong” by ensuring that all LegCo Members have love for both our country and our city and act in the interests of national development as well as Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability. With broad representation, balanced participation, fair competition and political inclusiveness fully manifested, the election was embraced and supported by the public at large.

I denounce foreign countries for smearing the democratic development of Hong Kong. I strongly object to their disregard for facts and their unfounded remarks that discredited the LegCo Election held under the new electoral system. These countries will not succeed in their hegemonic pursuit of political interests. Rather, they will expose to the world their true colours as overbearing bullies.

Those countries which have interfered in China’s internal affairs are in violation of international law. Their presumptuous and overbearing attempts will not succeed but will only heighten our vigilance to defend the security of our country. We will, by strengthening our legal system and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security, ensure the prosperity, stability and lasting peace of Hong Kong as well as the continued success of “One Country, Two Systems”. The white paper presents historical accounts and facts that unmask the hypocrisy of countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. I fully support it.