A much-awaited new era unfolds as we take part to vote

18 December 2021

Tomorrow (December 19) will be the Legislative Council (LegCo) General Election Polling Day.  With great anticipation, I am ready to cast my vote to usher in a new term of LegCo.  This election, being the first to be held under the improved electoral system and on the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong”, bears great significance.  A total of 90 Members will be returned by the Election Committee constituency, functional constituencies and geographical constituencies.  I call on all electors to take part in the voting, both for the sake of Hong Kong and for our own future.

Back in 2019 when Hong Kong was flooded with black-clad violence, rioters wreaked havoc by attacking and even setting fire to people, vandalising shops and MTR facilities, and blocking commuters on their way to work.  At that time, Hong Kong was on the brink of being brought to “mutual destruction”.  In the Chamber, anti-China disruptors paralysed the legislature by wanton filibustering, abusing procedures to put off passage of funding proposals and scrutinising bills at a snail’s pace in an attempt to impede governance and the success of “One Country, Two Systems” to the detriment of our city and our country.  These chaotic scenes are still vivid in my mind.  Two years have passed and today, Hong Kong has managed to restore social order and our economy has seen a progressive recovery.  Besides, as the epidemic situation continues to stabilise, people may now go to work or to school as usual, and we may all meet friends, go shopping and dine out during weekends and holidays.  The order we enjoy today is indeed in stark contrast to the chaos back then.

Thanks to the Hong Kong National Security Law, peace and stability has been restored in Hong Kong and people have realised the importance of safeguarding national security and ensuring the successful implementation of “One Country, Two Systems”.  To progress from order to prosperity, Hong Kong must carry through the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong” to ensure the formation of a legislature that is constructive and pragmatic in problem-solving.  By doing so, competent people who care not only about the good of this city but also the overall benefit of our country will be elected to the council.  They will do what is right in the best interests of national development as well as the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

Black-clad rioters, foreign proxies and destructive forces must not have their way.  With this in mind, we should all cast our votes to open a new chapter for a LegCo that is highly efficient and capable of resolving Hong Kong’s issues.  The legislature will then be able to monitor and collaborate with the Government for building a better Hong Kong.

A new era of constructive development is about to unfold.  Let us cast our votes tomorrow for Hong Kong – our home.