Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung

Welcome to the homepage of the Chief Secretary for Administration’s Office.

Under the leadership of the Chief Executive, the current-term Government fully and faithfully implements the principle of “One Country, Two Systems”.  We seek change while maintaining stability, adopt an appropriately proactive approach and are committed to promoting economic development as well as improving people’s livelihood.  As the Chief Secretary for Administration, I will focus on the following key tasks.

  • I will continue to implement a series of initiatives in accordance with the Chief Executive’s Policy Addresses to alleviate poverty, promote employment, caring for elderly, support the disadvantaged, promote environmental protection and foster regional cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland to develop Hong Kong into a harmonious, caring, inclusive and liveable city.  In particular, for retirement protection, the Chief Executive will map out a holistic direction in this year’s Policy Address.  I will strive to follow up on the recommendations with a view to laying a solid foundation for future development in this regard.
  • Chief Secretary for Administration is also Chairman of a number of committees including the Commission on Poverty, Steering Committee on Population Policy, Steering Committee on Climate Change and Steering Committee on Co-operation with the Mainland.  I will work with the committees and relevant policy bureaux to actively follow up on and take forward various tasks.  My aim is to draw up a forward-looking plan to propel the sustainable development of our economy and society, and to provide diverse opportunities for our workforce so as to foster upward social mobility.
  • As Chairman of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, I will lead the Authority to ensure timely completion of the facilities and develop cultural software in the form of audience building, capacity building and research projects to dovetail with the completion of the art and cultural facilities.
  • I will work closely in concert with all Politically Appointed Officials and civil service colleagues to ensure a smooth transition of the current-term Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government to the next-term.

Furthermore, 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR.  The HKSAR Government will organise a wide variety of celebratory activities under the theme of “Together • Progress • Opportunity” to celebrate with the community.  These activities include large-scale heritage exhibitions, sports and cultural events and cityscape enhancement projects.  To achieve community-wide participation, a “Celebrations for All” project will be launched to foster an inclusive society through visits to the elderly as well as participation of the underprivileged and ethnic minorities in these activities.  As Chairman of the Inter-departmental Steering Committee for organising these celebratory activities, I will continue to steer the Government’s work with the aim of enabling all Hong Kong people to share the joy of this important anniversary.

I look forward to your views and suggestions on my work. You are most welcome to communicate with me by email or other channels. Thank you.

Matthew Cheung Kin-chung
Chief Secretary for Administration