Mrs Lam

Welcome to the homepage of the Chief Secretary for Administration's Office.

Under the leadership of the Chief Executive, the current-term Government is committed to promoting economic development, improving people's livelihood, and taking forward constitutional development for more effective governance. We seek change while maintaining stability, adopt an appropriately proactive approach, attach importance to long-term planning and have abandoned the mindset of focusing on short-term needs. As the Chief Secretary for Administration, I dedicate myself to assisting the Chief Executive in implementing his policy blueprint. My work in the next two years will focus on three priorities.

The first is poverty alleviation. The current-term Government is determined to tackle the poverty problem. To this end, the Commission on Poverty (CoP) was set up in late 2012 under my chairmanship, and published the first official poverty line at the CoP Summit in September 2013. Further to a comprehensive list of policy initiatives on poverty alleviation and support for the disadvantaged promulgated in the 2014 Policy Address, which form the current-term Government's blueprint for poverty alleviation, the Chief Executive announced in his 2015 Policy Address that the CoP would launch a public consultation on retirement protection, which is now scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015. I will work with the CoP and the relevant bureaux to actively follow up on the various tasks and ensure that the needy in our society receive the necessary support.

The Chief Executive has pledged to formulate a population policyin his Election Manifesto. The reconstituted Steering Committee on Population Policy launched a four-month public engagement exercise in October 2013 on how should Hong Kong deal with the future demographic challenges. After examining and analysing the views collected, the Chief Executive has announced in his 2015 Policy Address the action plans and specific measures on population policy, with a view to promoting Hong Kong's sustainable social and economic development in the long run. I will continue to steer the work of the relevant bureaux in this regard.

The West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) project is an important strategic investment of the HKSAR Government to meet the long-term infrastructural and development needs of Hong Kong’s arts and culture. The WKCD Authority has embarked on the design and construction of all the Batch 1 facilities and most of the Batch 2 facilities. Meanwhile, it is nurturing cultural software in the form of audience building, capacity building and research projects to dovetail with the completion of the arts and cultural facilities. The Authority also attaches importance to communicating and engaging various stakeholders to instill a sense of ownership amongst the general public. As Chairman of the Authority, I shall continue to steer the work of the Authority to ensure timely completion of the facilities for public enjoyment.

I look forward to your views and suggestions on the above work. You are most welcome to communicate with me by email or other channels. Thank you.

Carrie Lam
Chief Secretary for Administration